Our Ministries


Belong – working through evangelism, welcome, hospitality, communication and fellowship to make sure that all people know that this is a place where they belong and that they have a God with whom they belong as well.


As Christians, we are all on a journey and none of us have yet “arrived.” The Grow team ensures that our church is faithful in providing opportunities for all visitors and members (from birth to the golden years) to grow in their spiritual life.


Our Serve team is the outreach ministry of our church. As Desmond Tutu once said, “the good news to a hungry person is bread.” Our serve team makes God’s love real by reaching out to the physical and spiritual needs of friends and strangers, from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.


If we did everything above but did not worship, we would not be the church. Worship is where God pours God’s Holy Spirit on us and we commune with God and with each other. In worship, we put first things first. You can learn about our two Sunday worship services here.